Why Soft32?

Small teams, huge impact
Our products are created by small, independent teams of 2 to 5 people. They are interdisciplinary, consisting of engineers and product managers. Our employee/user ratio is 1/800,000.

One location, one time zone
We always aim to combine pleasure of working and being professional while doing it, with a relaxed and cheerful workplace. We have an awesome office in a very quiet part of the town. One time zone and one location means quick interactions and fast decision-making.

Ask anyone that works for Soft32 and they’ll tell you it’s the people that make it so great. We understand that every person here has a vital role in building this company regardless of position. We have an open 2-way communication policy and encourage managers to speak with employees on a regular basis. Our CEO has an open door policy and encourages anyone to speak with him at any time.

Tech-oriented, cutting edge
To scale our platform to millions of users is a huge technical challenge. At Soft32 the teams decide what technology they want to use.

Sunt sibian! (I am from Sibiu)
Sibiu is probably the coolest city in Romania right now. No matter what you’re into, the city has something for everyone. In comparison with other big cities, Sibiu has a great standard of living for relatively low cost.

About Soft32

Soft32 is an online platfom that facilitates the sales and distribution of software for Windows, Mac and Mobile. Launched in 2001, Soft32 is a pioneer download website that delivers up-to-date reviews and downloads for more than 10 million users per month.