Frequently Asked Questions


Where are open positions listed?
Open positions are listed on the Jobs page. Postings are updated regularly.

What documents should I include in my application?
Please send us a cover letter and your CV. Also, your transcripts, a coding sample or your design portfolio provide helpful information, depending on which position you are applying for.

Do I need to speak English fluently to work at Soft32?
You really do need to understand excellent English to work at Soft32. In addition, for some localization-related positions we might require you to be fluent in other languages. If so, the job description will say so.

When can I expect to hear from Soft32?
We appreciate your interest and work hard to look closely into every application and give feedback as soon as possible. However, because we receive many applications review can sometimes take a while. If you have not heard from us please feel free to initiate contact yourself.

Will I be expected to travel a lot?
Generally the amount of business travel will be limited. However, you may occasionally need to travel for training or conferences.

What are the perks and benefits of working at Soft32?
Soft32 employees benefit from a comprehensive package that includes healthcare coverage and an education budget for personal development. For many candidates we offer a relocation package. Want to know more? Check out the 5 reasons to work at Soft32.


What should I wear for the interview?
The working atmosphere at Soft32 is casual, so there is no need to dress formally for the interview. However, keep in mind that your first impression is very important.

What can I do to prepare for my interview?
Spend some time thinking about what you would like us to know about you. Ask the organizer of the interview for what kind of information you will need prior to the interview.
In general, make sure that you have read the job description thoroughly. In addition, spend some time on the Soft32 homepage. It is essential that you are prepared and that you come to the interview with a good sense of knowing the areas that you can contribute and the areas that you would like to learn.

  • Familiarize yourself with the software industry and with our website
  • Prepare your work references
  • Articulate your goals
  • Tell us about yourself. We want to get to know you!
  • Tell us about your relevant skills
  • Be prepared to answer problem-solving and algorithm questions
  • Be honest and ask questions

Who will conduct the interview?
Your first interview will be with one of our recruiters. The next steps are interviews with your future colleagues and team lead. Depending on the position you apply for, the number of interviews varies.

How long will the interview take?
We will discuss this with you on your interview day, as it depends on the position. You should expect up to severel 30-minute interviews.

What are the next steps after the interview?
After the last interview, your recruiter will follow up with you and explain the next steps. If we decide to move forward we are generally very fast in making an offer.

Receiving an offer

If I receive an offer, how long will I have to make a decision?
We will determine a reasonable time frame with you when you receive the offer.

Will I have opportunities for training and development after I am hired?
Continuing education, both formal and informal, is a key component of each employee’s career development at Soft32. Every employee has an education budget per year plus 2 extra vacation days for training or conferences.

What do I need to know about the relocation process?
The Welcome and Support Team will assist you with relocation and adjustment to living in Sibiu.

My question wasn’t answered here – where can I ask for more information?
If you have other questions, contact us here.

About Soft32

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